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fully clothed after eating


I didn’t chose to have eating issues

and I can’t seem to shake it…

Struggling with my eating…

I’m eating about 500 calories or less a day for about 3 weeks now.. :/

Sorry Guys

I accidentally abandoned you for tumblr… Hoping to be back soon


I’m thinking of running away from home as a sort of spiritual finding myself thing. I think I’ll be updating more as my mood is very strange, but I’m not sure.

200 total

I found myself weighing 167 pounds, and lifting 200 yesterday. Both are accomplishments. 167 is my lowest weight for my current height.

This time next year, I want to weight 115lb and total 300. That means I’d be going to state in the 119lb class. I’d actually probably take second. 🙂 Wouldn’t that just be awesome?

Observation – My recent wall in strength building was directly related to diet. To move up from this wall, I need at LEAST 25g of protein a day (I had been getting around 10). From looking around, being able to total 200 on 10g of protein a day means that I am genetically gifted. TG I’m genetically gifted for SOMETHING I’m interested in.

BTW – I have a few idols: Lady Gaga, Pauline Nordin, Orion (The Constellation)


Had sub-sectionals today, after dropping nearly 8lb to make my weight class in 5-6 days…

I weighed at 168.9 (I had to weigh under 169) The only reason I got it is because I cut off most of my hair.

Anyway, I totaled 195, and think I could have moved up 5-10 lb. Not sure.

I love you guys, and I’ve decided that I’m really going to work on the physical aspect of my life, and get physically strong.