New Words

Slutify– (v.) To make more slutty. “We need to slutify that dress! Cut off two feet of fabric.”

Spean– (v.) to talk/think/write/communicate in a transhumanist way, nerd-erotic connotation (making love to your info). “So I was speaning about space colonization the other day and…”

Blogadoodle– (v.) to maintain more than one blog, (n.) one who maintains more than one blog. “Mom, I’m busy blogadoodling! I’m behind by 600 comments!” “John is such a blogadoodle, he has 6 blogs!”

Crapity– (adj.) having a haphazard or rough answer; not close, but okay for guessing. “By by crapity measurement, 3cm=1in and 1m=1yd!”

Fooding– (v.) to eat when not hungry. “Maria’s upset, she’s fooding in the laundry room.”


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