Saw My Psych

I’m not posting as much as I’d like, but I’m a bit tired… I slept a lot, but I’m still tired.

Anyway, so we went to the psych yesterday, and she was a lot more understanding than last time. We gave her descriptions of everyone, and showed her 13 statements about therapy and integration from diferent people.

She said that this was outside of her realm of knowledge, and that she would be working from her gut. We thanked her for admitting that, and now we have way more respect for her.

She had the rest of the session with Dark, who usually doesn’t talk to other people except to insult them. She really let out a lot that we didn’t even know she was bottling up. Her thoughts and feelings and impulses make a lot more sense now, along with her eternal desire to keep things where she knows she can handle them.

She’s apparently been saving our ass for years, and really resents it. I think I would too. She feels that most of her problems will begin to resolve themselves if she gets more exercise, and if everyone else begins to “clean up their own messes”. I don’t blame her.


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